How to drive around a roundabout


Surely more than once you have had doubts about how to drive around a roundabout. Unfortunately, it is a very common traffic problem that also causes many accidents. We are going to put an end to the problem by leaving the rules very clear so that from this moment it is very clear to you.

How to drive around a roundabout

Steps to follow:

There are many drivers who either do not know how to drive around roundabouts, or have simply forgotten. It is a lack of knowledge that must be fought against, because rules are broken on a daily basis that put traffic at roundabouts at risk. You have to be prudent and cautious, because this problem causes many traffic accidents.

There are many types of roundabouts, but whatever their design, the driver must always take into account the same criteria. And it is that you must give way to those who are circulating inside the roundabout, and choose the most appropriate lane depending on the exit you want to take. That principle that seems so obvious is constantly violated. Once inside the roundabout, the vehicle that occupies the lane will always have preference over the one that is going to access it. To exit the roundabout, it is necessary to position yourself in the outside lane, and if this is not possible, make a turn to get to that position in time.

As you can see, the theory is very clear, and although it is quite obvious and logical, many drivers do not respect this traffic rule, either due to confusion or forgetfulness, they end up failing to comply with at least one of the steps that must be followed. You must always take into account the priority of the car that is circulating, and be very careful when leaving the roundabout, always from the outermost side.

It must be remembered that there are no established lanes based on the exit that a driver wishes to take. The roundabout is a one-way road, usually with several lanes and with exits located in the right lane, it is like a highway. So, when you want to leave the roundabout, it should be placed as on a highway in the outermost area to exit without blocking the way.

In addition, it is also very important to guarantee safety on the road, both your own and that of others; It is for this reason that you have to pay attention to the way you sit in the car: opt for a good posture, a backrest adapted to your needs and driving that is suitable for all circumstances. In this Oneota video we show you the correct position to drive a car.


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