How to drive if I have a flat tire


Sometimes, when a car tire is punctured, the air comes out little by little, so even if we are driving, we may not even notice it. But in other cases, the tire goes flat almost instantly and you have to act smart to avoid losing control of the car and an accident. 

How to drive if I have a flat tire

Steps to follow:

As always, the first recommendation in emergency situations behind the wheel is to remain calm. In this way, you will be in the best conditions to make the best decision about how to drive when you have a puncture. This is the theory, but we know that in these circumstances you have to be very calm to stay calm.

Well, the first step in the event of a puncture that causes the tire to deflate rapidly, while driving, is to hold the steering wheel firmly. In this way, you will be able to maintain the direction, preventing the car from becoming unbalanced due to the effect of the flat tire.

The next thing you should do is try to slow down the car. However, you should not try to get it by stepping on the brake, forget about it. In addition to taking your foot off the accelerator, you have to use the engine brake to bring the car to a stop. As you know, what you have to do, for this, is to go downshifting so that the engine itself stops the vehicle.

In the event of a puncture while driving, you should also activate the hazard lights. In this way, the drivers who circulate next to you on the road will be warned that you have had an incident and will be alert in case you make a sudden maneuver.

Try to leave the car in a place away from the road and well-marked to avoid accidents. You should guide the occupants who go with you in the car when you suffer a puncture to a place away from the road to avoid being run over. We recommend that you read this article in which we teach you how to act in a road emergency.

By maintaining your tires well, you will reduce the possibility of getting a puncture when you drive.


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