How to exchange the Moroccan driving license in Spain


Exchanging the Moroccan driving license in Spain is possible because there is an agreement from 2004 that authorizes it. So, if you do not want to go through the driving school again, you will have to carry out the necessary procedures with the General Directorate of Traffic to make the change. Of course, if it is a professional type permit, you will need to take a practical and theoretical test. 

How to exchange the Moroccan driving license in Spain

Steps to follow:

Morocco is one of the countries with which Spain has an agreement to exchange the driving license, so you can do this procedure as long as you meet all the requirements that we indicate in this article and you gather all the necessary documentation for it.

The Moroccan driving license can be exchanged in Spain without the need to carry out any type of test in the case of the following permits:

  • A1
  • A
  • B.
  • B+E

However, when it comes to exchanging the Moroccan driving license in Spain, you will have to take a practical and a theoretical exam in the case of professional-type licenses. It is a kind of recycling. Specifically, these are the following:

  • C
  • C+E
  • D
  • D+E

A fact that you must take into account when you decide to exchange the Moroccan driving license in Spain is that the Moroccan permit must have been obtained before the residence in Spain.

You also have to know that the Moroccan F class driving license cannot be exchanged in Spain, since there is no equivalence. As for the J, you will exchange it for the Spanish A. The rest of the driving licenses (A, B, C, D, E) have the same name in Spain and are equivalent.

The last condition that you have to verify before exchanging the Moroccan card before the DGT is that your Moroccan permit cannot come from a previous exchange of that country with a third party with which Spain does not have an agreement, that is, you have to have obtained directly in Morocco.

Once you verify that you meet all the requirements, you will have to make an appointment to exchange the Moroccan driving license in Spain. You can do it through the DGT website or by calling 060.

The documents that you have to provide to redeem the driving license are:

  • Official application form.
  • Pay the fees, which are just over 88.5 euros if you have to take tests and 27.1 otherwise.
  • NIE.
  • Residence authorization.
  • Psychophysical aptitude report issued by a center authorized by the DGT.
  • Moroccan driving license, the original and a photocopy.
  • 32×26 millimeter photograph.
  • Heel photo.

Regarding photography, it is important to point out that the DGT admits images in which the person has their hair covered for religious reasons. Of course, check that the oval of your face appears uncovered from the beginning of hair growth and up to the chin. The goal is that you can be easily identified in the image.

Once all these conditions and procedures have been fulfilled, you will be able to exchange your Moroccan driving license in Spain. At the DGT they will give you a provisional valid for 90 days until the definitive one is sent by post to your address or, if you prefer, it will be sent to the Provincial Traffic Headquarters where you do the paperwork.


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