How to install rear view mirrors


Good front, rear and side visibility will allow you to ride more safely and react optimally to an unforeseen event. A good placement of the rear-view mirrors and the load that you can carry in the trunk are basic factors so that you can have control of your surroundings, but the most important thing is that you check all the mirrors frequently with your eyes.

How to install rear view mirrors

Steps to follow:

The rear- view mirrors that most cars have are the left one, on the driver’s door; the right, which is located on the outside of the passenger; and the central interior, which is located in the middle of the passenger compartment, in the highest part.

The automatic controls allow the driver to manage the movement of these mirrors without leaving his seat, but it is an operation that must always be carried out before starting off.

First of all, it should be noted that in some car models the rear- view mirrors are controlled directly by hand, but others work through a control next to the steering wheel. Consult the manual of your car to find out which is your case since you can damage them if you try to manipulate them with your hand being automatic.

We start by explaining how to attach the rear-view mirror that is on the driver’s side. It is very important because if we consult it frequently, we will reduce the possibility of not seeing a vehicle that enters our dead spot.

Once you are well seated behind the wheel, look at the mirror in question. What you have to see is a small part of your body and the rest, the road. Move your mirror until you get it.

Next, you must correctly position the rear-view mirror that is on the passenger side. Although a few years ago it was not so common, today it is rare to see a car that does not have it, although in principle it is not mandatory.

If you must move it by hand, you will need the help of a person to handle it while you check from the driver’s seat that you see a small part of the car’s body and the rest, the road.

Finally, it is time to place the central interior rearview mirror. The load you carry in the trunk should never exceed the line of the seats, so that it is not an impediment to visibility.

Move it until you can see through this mirror the entire rear window of your car simply by moving your eyes, without having to turn your head.

Technically, rearview mirrors should offer you the following vision capabilities:

  • Straight: 20 meters behind and a width of 4 meters.
  • Left: 10 meters back with a width of 2.5 meters.
  • Inside: 60 meters back and 20 meters wide.

If you have the three rear-view mirrors well positioned and consult them permanently while driving, you will drive much safer because if you have to make a sudden maneuver you will know at all times if the car that is following you is far away and you can brake calmly, if you can pass to the left lane because no car is occupying it, etc.


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