How to know if a car is repossessed 


To find out if a car is seized, you should ask the General Directorate of Traffic, which is the body that is informed if a car weighs a load of this type. It is important to know this information, for example, before buying a second-hand vehicle, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

How to know if a car is repossessed

Steps to follow:

Write down the car’s license plate, since it is the identification data that you will need to provide in order to have the information regarding the vehicle.

Go to the Headquarters of the General Directorate of Traffic and request a report on the car in question. You must indicate to the official the reason why you are interested in knowing if there is an embargo on the car.

In addition to providing the data of the car registration, you must present your ID and pay a fee of around 8 euros to be able to have the report on the vehicle.

When you have the history, together with the information on whether the car is repossessed, you will obtain the following data:

  • Headline.
  • Technical data.
  • Previous headlines.
  • Administrative situation.
  • Expiration of the ITV.
  • Other charges that the car may have.

In addition to personally, you can request the report to find out if a car is seized from the General Directorate of Traffic through the Internet. To do this you must have a digital certificate and a card or a bank account in your name.


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