How to know if I have to pass the ITV


The Technical Inspection of Vehicles, better known by all as ITV, consists of a periodic review that all vehicles must undergo to guarantee that they are in conditions to circulate and do not pose any risk. It is important to know when you must pass the ITV, since otherwise you may be sanctioned by the traffic authorities.

How to know if I have to pass the ITV

Steps to follow:

First of all, to know when you have to pass the ITV of the car, you need to know the review frequency decreed by the road and traffic authorities. In the case of private cars with up to nine seats:

  • Up to 4 years old: exempt from ITV
  • From 4 to 10 years old: every two years
  • From 10 years old: every year

In the car documentation, you will find the registration date from which you should start counting. Likewise, you can expand the information in our article: When should I pass the ITV.

In this way, new cars will not have to pass it until the fourth year, when you will normally receive a notification or letter advising you that you must pass the ITV. Likewise, if you have bought a relatively new second-hand car, you should check the vehicle papers to find out if it has already passed the first technical vehicle inspection.

To find out when you have to pass the ITV on a vehicle that is more than 4 years old, you can use various documents. The first and most visual is the sticker that in the previous revision will have been placed on the upper part of the windshield, on the opposite side to the driver. There you will be able to see the year and month in which it is necessary to do the inspection again; It will only be indicative but you will already have a first idea.

Similarly, the back of the ITV card will indicate when the last inspection was carried out and when the vehicle needs to be checked again. There the deadline to pass the ITV again will be indicated; remember that exceeding it is a reason for sanction and fine.

Also, in the report of the last technical inspection you will find indicated the dates of the last ITV and when you must pass it again. Remember that in most centers and workshops it is necessary to request an appointment to pass the ITV, so you must do so before exceeding this date. If Apples is the concessionaire in your autonomous community, you can see here how to make an appointment online for the ITV.

Once you know when you have to pass the ITV, you should also take into account:

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