How to know my card points with the Clave system


The Spanish Government launched a new electronic identification system so that citizens can carry out their procedures over the Internet. One of the procedures that can be carried out in this way is to check the points you have on your driving license. If you still do not have your password, go to this link where we explain step by step how to register in the Key system with an electronic certificate. 

How to know my card points with the Clave system

Steps to follow:

We insist that first of all you must obtain your access data from the Clave system. Then, go to the following link of the electronic headquarters of the DGT

Already on this page, go down and, in the area that appears with a gray background, click on the phrase that says Check points with key.

On the next screen, you have two alternatives to know the points of the driving license with the Clave system:

  • With a single-use pin that will be sent to your mobile.
  • With your permanent password. This is the path we will follow.

Once you choose this option, you will be asked to enter your DNI and the indicated password of the Clave system that you will have obtained when registering in it and generate it with the activation code.

Next, you will obtain your data with the points of the driving license and the movements by dates when points have been removed or added.

As you can see, with the electronic Administration it is very easy to carry out queries of this type and avoid having to go to physical places, with the consequent loss of time.


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