How to order a green plate


green license plate is a temporary license plate for individuals issued by the General Directorate of Traffic. Requesting it is a very simple procedure to do, but it will be even easier if you go to the nearest Headquarters knowing all the documents you must provide. Its validity ranges between 10 and 60 days, depending on the reason for which you request it.

How to order a green plate

Steps to follow:

The first thing you have to do is apply for the form, which is entitled ” Temporary permits for individuals (green plates) “.

You will have to pay a fee of almost 20 euros, specifically for 2014, 19.40 euros.

As in most official procedures, you must identify yourself with your DNI, driving license, residence permit or passport and NIE.

If you want a green plate to use while the final registration of the car is processed, they will give it to you with a validity of 60 days. To obtain it you will have to provide the complete file of the ordinary registration.

If it were the case that after 60 days the car still could not be registered, you will have to request an extension of the green plate. To do this, you must submit:

  • Official print.
  • Temporary circulation permit.
  • Proof that the car could not be registered for reasons beyond your control.

On the other hand, if you want the green plate to take the car abroad, they will also give it to you with a validity of 60 days.

  • If the car is already registered, you will first have to make the definitive withdrawal due to transfer to another country. The ITV must be in force.
  • In the event that the vehicle is not yet registered, you must carry the ITV card with the pink sheet and the blue sheet, which is collected by the sales procedure; or the invoice. In addition, if you take it to a country outside the EU, you will have to present a document from Customs that proves that the export is legal.

There are also green plates with shorter validity, of only 10 days. They are those originated for the transfer of the car to the province of registration. The procedure must be done at the Headquarters of the DGT where the vehicle is.

In this case, you have to present the ITV card with the pink sheet and the blue sheet with the sales procedure or invoice or award certificate, if you obtained the car at an auction.


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