How to redeem a military driver’s license


The military can exchange the driver’s license obtained in the Army for the civil permit. The same happens with members of the Civil Guard or the National Police. Of course, you have to meet a series of requirements and carry out a series of procedures in the General Directorate of Traffic 

How to redeem a military driver's license

Steps to follow:

The permit must be in force and the holder must be of the age required to obtain it by civil means.

This military driving license that you want to exchange must have been issued by a school or military organization or the General Directorate of the Police that are legally empowered to do so.

In addition, the holder of the driving license must be active at the time of requesting the exchange in the military or police force in which he obtained it or not more than 6 months have passed since it ceased.

As for the class A motorcycle permit, there is a restriction: it cannot be exchanged until the class A2 license held by the holder is 2 years old.

If all these requirements are met, before going to the Headquarters of the General Directorate of Traffic, you must obtain a psychophysical aptitude report from a recognition center for drivers, which must transmit it electronically to the DGT. In our article you can find more information on How to get a medical certificate to drive.

Once at the Headquarters of the DGT, the official form is requested, which includes a statement that the person requesting the exchange is not deprived by a judge of the right to drive a car or motorcycle.

You have to pay a fee of just over 27 euros.

On the other hand, you have to take a 32x26mm size photograph and a photo voucher that they provide at the DGT filled out and signed.

You must also present the military driving license that you want to exchange, both the original and a photocopy. If you already have a civil permit, you must bring it.

Finally, a certificate must be presented stating that the person requesting the exchange is active in the military or police force or, if he has ceased, the date of discharge.


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