How to deregister a car


The procedures to permanently deregister a car are very simple. You do not have to carry out any procedure before the General Directorate of Traffic, but the accredited scrapyards will be in charge of doing it. They will also take care of physically disposing of the car in a way that complies with current environmental regulations. At we explain in detail how to permanently deregister a car.

How to deregister a car.

Steps to follow:

The actions to get rid of the car must be carried out before an Authorized Treatment Center. In addition to making all the components of the car disappear in compliance with environmental laws, this entity will be in charge of electronically deregistering them from the Vehicle Registry of the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT).

On this website you will find a list of all the Authorized Treatment Centers, popularly known as scrapyards, which are distributed throughout the Spanish geography to facilitate this management for the citizen.

You can move to the scrapyard driving the car that you are going to deregister permanently, but keep in mind that to get out of there you will no longer have the vehicle.

The documentation of the car that you have to present is the following:

  • Circulation permit.
  • Vehicle Technical Inspection Card.
  • Declaration of loss or report of theft of these documents, if these circumstances occur.

To permanently deregister a car, you must identify yourself in one of the following ways:

  • Natural person: DNI, Spanish driving license, residence card or passport together with the Foreigner Identification Number.
  • Legal person: tax identification card and the representative’s accreditation.
  • Minors or disabled: data and signature of parents or guardian and ID.

In the event that there is a seal on the car, it cannot be deregistered definitively, so it will have to be lifted.


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