How to remove the CAP


One of the professions with a safe job opportunity is that of a driver. That’s right, a profession perhaps undervalued for many but that provides job stability and important benefits for its workers. However, taking over the position of driver is not so simple. First, the interested party must obtain a CAP professional aptitude certificate or card, which all bus, coach and truck carriers must have and obtain through a compulsory training course according to the laws established for the European region.

How to remove the CAP

Steps to follow:

The first thing you must take into account to get the CAP is that it is not necessary to have a driving license to be able to get your CAP license; however, in order to drive you must have both.

Driver or bus? After being clear about what type of driver you want to be, you must have the necessary time for training and internships. If this is your first time with a CAP, you should keep in mind that there are two courses depending on what you want to process: people or merchandise.

For training courses for the first time, the exam will be carried out with a total of 100 questions, which are evaluated as follows:

  • If the answer is correct, the driver will add a point.
  • If the answer is incorrect, the driver will have half a point less.
  • If the answer remains unanswered, neither add points nor subtract points.
  • You must have a minimum of 50 points to pass and obtain the certificate.
  • If you have a bus CAP and want to obtain the truck driver CAP, it will not be necessary to do all the hours that you have previously approved, you will only have to do another specialized course of about 35 hours.
  • People who already have a C permit (to carry up to 3,500 kg of weight or no more than 9 people), D permit (transport of more than nine passengers), D1 permit (like D and who can carry a trailer not exceeding 750 g) are not required to remove the CAP; they only have to do continuous training of 35 hours. This course for already experts must be renewed every five years, without exams or practices.
  • There are six calls a year to carry out the CAP. You can consult all the necessary information on the website of the Ministry of Public Works or contact authorized driving schools that allow you to obtain your CAP card. The price will be around €135 – €180, depending on the driving school. We recommend you take into account those driving schools that have a very high rate of CAP approvals or those that have managed more students.

The CAP is issued by the transport council of each community; therefore, you can contact the one that corresponds to your city of residence to obtain more specific information about specific centers, times and places.


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