How to renew the driver’s license in a medical center


Having our driver’s license up to date is essential to drive in Spain, and thus avoid sanctions that may limit our ability to drive in the future.

How to renew the driver's license in a medical center

Currently there are two ways to renew the license: going directly to a medical center, a convenient and simple alternative, or going to the traffic headquarters of your province, as was done a few years ago.

Steps to follow:

In principle, it is opportune that you know that it is possible to renew your driving license up to three months before its expiration date, so you can plan this procedure in advance without running the risk of your license expiring.

To renew your driving license in a medical center, you must go to any of the centers authorized by the General Directorate of Traffic with the following documentation:

  • Original ID or valid residence card
  • Payment of traffic fees, the cost of the medical certificate and administrative expenses for management

In the authorized medical center, the required processes will be carried out to complement the renewal of your driving license as well as all the exams. In this place, your photograph will be taken for your new driver’s license, and you will be given the form that you must complete to send to the traffic headquarters. In addition, you must pass the medical examination to obtain the psychophysical aptitude report.

Once you have completed the procedures, you will receive a provisional receipt that will allow you to circulate throughout Spain for 90 days while your driving license is ready.

If you live in the province of Barcelona, ​​you can carry out all the procedures to renew your driving license at the Sabadell Medical Center, where we will offer you the attention and advice you need to obtain your license comfortably.


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