How to sell a car online 


When it comes to selling a car online, you have to take into account a series of basic questions in order to carry out the operation successfully. You must assess aspects such as in which portal you want to offer your car and the data that potential buyer will be able to see; as well as others of a legal and administrative nature to carry out the sale correctly.

How to sell a car online

Steps to follow.

Before setting the price to sell your car online, find out how much they ask for similar models of the same age. If you are in a hurry to get the money, you have to mark a price slightly below what you find.

Then, you must decide if you want to sell the car online in a specialized car sales portal or if you prefer a general sales platform that has a section for cars. On websites of the first type, customers may be more demanding.

Once you have registered on the sales platform, you must decide what data and what images of your car you provide.

The most important thing to avoid problems is that you are honest and that, if the car has any problems such as scratches or constant breakdowns, say so. Also do not avoid pointing out if it has suffered a serious accident, even if it is repaired.

It is important that you explain the reason that leads you to sell the car and that you include data such as the mileage or consumption of the car that you sell online.

Provide as many photos as possible and if there is any damage, make detailed captures so that the potential buyer can see it.

Once you have managed to get someone to want to buy your vehicle, you will have to sign a purchase agreement.

This document must include your details and those of the buyer, the condition of the car if it has any deficiency, the form of payment, the date and who bears the transfer costs. Keep a copy of the contract and the DNI of the person to whom you sell your car online.

Always make sure that the transfer of the car is finally made to the General Directorate of Traffic. If it is not done, you will still be responsible for everything that happens with that vehicle that you have sold online. You can see here how to change the name of my car


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