How to value a used car


When valuing a second-hand car, many factors come into play that will mean that two vehicles of the same model have very different prices depending on the use that has been given to them since they were purchased. There are tools on the Internet that can help you obtain a price, but you can guide yourself through a series of tips that we offer you. 

How to value a used car

Steps to follow:

There are different websites that offer you the valuation of vehicles for free. Simply, you have to include the information that you are asked for, such as brand, model, year, if it is diesel or gasoline and then you will be informed of a guide price.

Once you have this global reference, you have to start assessing specific issues. Mileage is a key issue. Even if a car looks good and has not had any major mechanical damage, if it has put in a lot of miles, the end of its useful life may be near.

The year of manufacture is another piece of information to take into account when valuing a second-hand car. Thus, even if it has few kilometers, if it is many years old, the price of the second-hand vehicle should go down. In addition, this means that it has been stopped for a long time, something that is not recommended from a mechanical point of view.

Another relevant factor is whether the car is diesel or gasoline. These latter vehicles break down sooner than the former.

The condition of the tires can also guide you when evaluating the car. If they are very used, it will be necessary to make a significant expense to get new ones.

Your insurance company can also guide you when valuing a second-hand car. You have to offer him all the data you can about the car so that he tells you what its real price is in the current circumstances.


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