Is it mandatory to wear a seat belt in a taxi?


The seat belt is an essential element when we want to drive safely, but it is also a legal requirement for proper driving, so not using it could lead to fines and penalties. Now, when instead of driving in a private car we travel in a taxi driver’s, it is normal to ask ourselves if its use will also be a legal requirement. 

Is it mandatory to wear a seat belt in a taxi

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When asked if it is mandatory to use a seat belt in a taxi as passengers, the answer is YES, the regulations of the traffic regulations indicate that every passenger who goes, either in the front or rear of the vehicle, must use the seat belt both on urban and interurban roads.

In the case of passengers under 3 years of age or those who do not exceed 1.35 meters in height, when traveling on interurban roads, they must use a child car seat appropriate to their height and weight. Those children who exceed 1.35 meters and who do not reach 1.50 meters can use either the adult seat belt in the back of the car, or a seat adapted to their height and weight.

When the taxi circulates on urban roads and traffic areas, it is not mandatory for children under 3 years of age or 1.35 meters to use a car seat, however they must always sit in the back and be supervised by a car seat. an adult, because anything that happens to the child in the vehicle will not be the responsibility of the driver but of his legal representative or guardian.

For their part, taxi drivers are NOT required to wear a seat belt as long as they are driving on an urban road.


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