Know the tire brands with the best value for money


To keep your car in perfect condition, it is essential that the wheels perform their function efficiently and safely. For this reason, changing tires is essential and trusting the best brands is a guarantee of durability and reliability at the wheel. Next, in, we invite you to discover the tire brands with the best value for money. Because fitting your car with first or second brands is not only synonymous with a guarantee, but also with safety on the road. Discover the best wheels on the market.

Know the tire brands with the best value for money

What are the best tire brands?

Fitting your vehicle with cheap and quality tires is possible if you are looking for alternatives to premium brands. We are talking about second brands that, in most cases, are just another option for the main manufacturers when it comes to diversifying the market. Thus, the same brand can have different tires with different nominations or qualities, although they all retain the same materials, the same production process and the guarantee of the big brands, so the big difference is in the price. For all this, below, we show you some quality brands to help you choose the best tires for your vehicle. Surely more than one sounds familiar to you!

1. Bridgestone, one of the best tire brands

One of the main premium brands that offer its economical and quality version is Bridgestone, one of the star brands in the world of tires. The wheels that it proposes as a safe option and with the best value for money is Firestone.

These wheels stand out for their high durability, their flexibility and elongation, for having a quick and simple installation system. Likewise, Firestone tires are a sustainable solution thanks to their rubber coating, a material that reduces the environmental impact.

2. Michelin, another of the best tire brands

For its part, Michelin also offers second-brand tires with excellent quality. This is the case of Kleber, a versatile wheel with great adaptability and quality insurance for many buyers.

This tire is considered one of the best options on the market, thanks to its perfect grip on the road, its work at maximum performance, its great durability and its competitive price. Kleber is a 4-season tire and a seal of trust.

Michelin is synonymous with energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, noise absorption and safety. Michelin tires have a seal of trust and guarantee, which places them among the main tire brands chosen by drivers.

3. Kumho, another good value tire brand

Another great brand of quality tires at a good price is Kumho. Its wheels have great prestige within manufacturers, as well as high-end car brands. It is characterized by the careful design of the tires, their rolling resistance and their low noise level.

It is also one of the wheels with the best grip, both on dry and wet surfaces. A guarantee of safety, reliability and efficiency.

If you don’t want to go through the mechanic when buying your new tires, here we explain how to change the wheel of a car.

5. Hankook, a benchmark tire brand

And in recent years, Hankook tires have come on strong to become a reference when it comes to quality car wheels. Its rigorous manufacturing process translates into reliability and safety, which has become a trusted item for thousands of drivers.

Likewise, Hankook has become a reference for online sales, due to its cheap and competitive prices.

6. Continental, one of the most durable tire brands

Continental tires are also considered to be some of the most durable on the market. This brand works with top quality materials to offer a high-performance product, tested for your safety and that improves the driving experience.

The innovative technology that Continental uses to develop its tires gives it a seal of experience and trust that is not overlooked by vehicle manufacturers.

Other top tire brands with value for money

Quality, good price and durability. These are the main characteristics that a good tire should have, in addition to effectiveness, braking efficiency and safety. If you are looking for wheels that do not wear out and last longer, regardless of weather conditions, you should trust both the first and the second brands that offer you long-lasting tires. Below, we show you two quality tire brands, for less common situations.

Sava tires for driving in low temperatures

At European level, Sava tires have become one of the most prestigious todays thanks to their value for money and their longevity. These are affordable wheels that suit different riding styles. If Sava tires are characterized by something, it is that they are specially prepared for driving in low temperatures, with good grip on ice and snow. In this other article we explain how to drive on ice.

Pirelli, a brand of tires for racing cars

And if we talk about the best tires on the market, we cannot forget Pirelli. Although it offers exclusive wheels for competition (such as Formula 1 or MotoGP), it is one of the most recognized brands for its quality, durability and great adaptation.

Now that you have read this article about the best tire brands in value for money, you may also be interested in this other article on How to take care of car wheels so that, when you have your new tires, they last much longer.


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