Requirements to drive a car without a license


Cars without a license, minicars, microcars, quadricycles whatever you call them, these vehicles are becoming more and more popular on our streets. Whether it is because you are not yet old enough for a conventional car, because you cannot get your driver’s license or for whatever reason, this type of vehicle has become an option to consider for many people.

Requirements to drive a car without a license

What is a vehicle without a license?

A vehicle without a license is what is popularly known as a microcar and, legally, they are typified as light quadricycles. Vehicles without a license or light quadricycles must meet a series of characteristics in order to be identified as follows:

  • They cannot exceed speeds greater than 45 km/h.
  • They cannot have a cylinder capacity greater than 50 cc.

This type of vehicle has gained a lot of popularity in recent decades for different reasons. The first, and most obvious, is that they do not need a license like conventional vehicles, therefore, many young people use them while they are not old enough to drive larger displacement vehicles. However, saying a car without a license is not entirely true, since, although they do not need the same permits as a conventional car, some permit, license and requirement are required to be able to drive them.

Apart from those that we have already mentioned, other differences between a conventional car and a microcar are:

  • The smallest size.
  • The license plates are different.

However, they do have aspects in common, for example, the need to pass a periodic technical inspection every two years after two years of use.

Cars without a license where they can circulate

Cars without a license can circulate on urban roads and on conventional roads, but they cannot do so on highways or motorways. In addition, whenever these roads have a passable hard shoulder, they must drive along that road. In the event that there is no such shoulder, the vehicle must go on the right, occupying the minimum possible space.

As we have mentioned, cars without a license cannot exceed 45 km/h, therefore, they cannot drive on those roads where they drive faster. The reason is that the difference between its speed and that of the rest of the vehicles would be enormous, being a significant risk when accidents occur.

Requirements to drive a car without a license

Despite the fact that compared to the rest of the cars there are still few microcars, the reality is that in recent years there are more and more that we can see on the streets. There are all kinds, the prices of cars without a license are very variable, there are cheap and expensive ones, and there are a large number of brands that manufacture them on the market.

Be that as it may, to find out who can drive cars without a license, a series of requirements must be taken into account:

  • It is necessary to have at least the AM driving license.
  • Have at least 15 years of age.
  • Pass a psychophysical aptitude test or psychotechnical test in an authorized medical examination center.
  • Pass a 20-question test proposed by the Traffic Headquarters.
  • Pass a practical test.

Before the new regulations, this type of car could be driven just by having a moped license, but nowadays other types of tests have to be passed.

Cars without a license or microcars are a safe alternative for all those people who do not have a driving license but want the possibility of having a practical vehicle with reduced consumption. Although it is necessary to take into account that this type of vehicle cannot circulate on motorways or dual carriageways.

As for their safety, cars without a license undergo certain tests, such as front, side and rear impacts, although the brands are not required by law.

Examination for cars without a license

As we have explained previously, it is not correct to call them a car without a license, since a license is needed, even if it is not the B of conventional cars. In this case, it is required to have the AM driving license, the same one that is needed to be able to drive mopeds. Below we explain how to obtain the AM permit and what the test for cars without a license is like:

  • It is necessary to have reached the age of 15.
  • You must pass a psychophysical test and a psychotechnical test in an authorized center.
  • You have to pass a theoretical traffic test consisting of 20 questions.
  • You have to pass a practical test in which you must demonstrate the ability to perform certain maneuvers.

There is no single AM ​​permission, rather there are two types of permission:

  • With restrictions: you can only drive microcars and tricycles.
  • No restrictions: In addition to these vehicles, you can drive any type of moped, even 2-wheelers.

The difference when it comes to obtaining the license with or without restrictions is in the practical exam, in which different aptitudes must be demonstrated. Below we explain what this practical test for cars without a license is like, both the permit with restrictions and without restrictions.

Practical test cars without a license

To obtain the AM class permit without restrictions and to also be able to drive two-wheeled mopeds, the practical tests are:

  • Pass between some obstacles by zigzagging at low speed.
  • Pass over a limited strip.

For its part, the permit with restrictions meets the following practical test:

  • In a marked space, change the direction of the car both forwards and backwards.
  • Parking and unparking in different ways, both on the flat and on a slope.

How to drive a car without a license

The steps to follow when obtaining your permit and being able to drive a car without a license are as follows:

  • Request it at the corresponding offices, in Spain the DGT.
  • Present the DNI or an identification document.
  • Submit a passport photo.
  • Carry out the psychotechnical test in an authorized center.
  • Pay the corresponding fee.
  • Take the theoretical exam.
  • Take the practical exam.

Regulations about cars without a license

In addition to everything we have told you so far, there are other regulations regarding microcars that you should know when you drive them:

  • Whenever you drive you must carry your driving license with you.
  • Whenever it is requested by a traffic agent, you must show the permit.
  • You must renew it every time it expires.
  • You cannot circulate not on highways or highways.
  • You should always drive on the hard shoulder or, if it does not exist, to the right without invading much space.
  • You must have third party insurance.
  • You are responsible for the car passing the ITV.
  • You need the driving license.
  • The car must be registered.
  • Children can be carried in a car without a license as long as it has the systems required by law. IN the following article we explain what the laws are for traveling with children by car.


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