Tips for driving with a caravan


During the holiday season it is common to seek advice for driving with a caravan, since it is usually one of the main means of transport for many families. It is a very suitable way to make great trips with everything we need in tow. Caravans today include everything you need for an unforgettable trip, but they also require a type of adjusted driving to avoid any problems. 

Tips for driving with a caravan

Steps to follow:

When you buy the caravan, do it take into account the dimensions and characteristics of your vehicle. It is important that the car and the caravan are well matched in terms of their measurements. It is recommended that the caravan does not exceed 750 kilos, so that it does not have to be registered independently. Adding the car and the caravan, the length extension cannot be greater than 18 meters.

Take advantage of the stops you make to check that the caravan hitch is securely fastened. It is important to carry out reviews of all the elements to always ensure maximum safety. The brake of the caravan should also be checked often, as well as the pressure of the tires, the oil and the brake fluids.

At first it can be difficult to maintain stability between car and caravan. To achieve this, it provides the necessary intensity in the vehicle, so that it is the one that manages the towing of the caravan. This should always be behind, pending the action that occurs in the car.

Brakes can be a problem and cause of various accidents. It is not necessary to brake dry and always be careful with the braking that is carried out. The same applies to speed levels, which should always be stable. Among the best tips for driving with a caravan is driving regularly, without speed increases or decreases, without overtaking and without excesses. The swerves are ruled out.

The weather is another factor to seriously assess in terms of tips for driving with a caravan. If you’re getting hit after hit to your vehicle, it’s a good idea to stop driving until the winds have calmed down. If it is raining, it is recommended, in order not to suffer surprises, to reduce speed or also make a stop. To know where to stop, it is important to have a route of possible places with ample space to stop.

Plan. Do not put your entire house in the caravan, take what is necessary. Make sure which roads or paths you take, because driving with a caravan is more complicated than doing it without it. And always carry with you a device, such as a mobile, that allows you to contact whoever is necessary.

And if you travel in a group with caravans, you must always create harmony on the road, leaving space for other cars that are traveling, not interfering with the smooth running of other travelers’ routes.


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