What are the best tires in relation quality – price?


The current offer on the tire market today is very wide and of high quality. The most demanding drivers have suitable products, with great performance and performance on all types of surfaces. But if price is also one of our priorities when buying covers for our car, you will discover that there are wheels that offer an optimal relationship between both factors. Read on and find out which are the best tires for value for money.

What are the best tires in relation quality - price

The ideal cover according to our vehicle

Depending on the dynamic potential of our vehicle and the driving style practiced, it is not always necessary to fit high-performance tires for our car. High-end, high-performance tires are suitable for high-powered cars and very demanding drivers. But there is a large percentage of users who use the car simply to get from one point to another, with no higher aspirations than to have maximum safety. Given these needs, there are suitable tire models on the market, capable of providing the customer with maximum satisfaction, without the need to reach extreme levels of performance.

The star tires in relation quality and price of 2014

If we are looking for a good relationship between quality and price, one of the star tires of 2014 is the Dunlop Street Response2. This product is intended for vehicles in small segments, which are usually equipped with rims between 13 and 15 inches. It is equipped with a central rib that improves grip and has a rounded footprint that allows water to be evacuated effectively. Compared to its predecessor, it provides better braking distances. Also very interesting is the relationship between performance and price of the Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance model, a balanced tire that maintains remarkable levels of grip on all types of surfaces.

The Continental Conti Premium model is another very valid option to acquire a tire at a good price, optimal both in dry and wet conditions, good durability and with very competitive sales rates. The Fulda Eco Control HP and Gradstein Sportrac5 tires stand out especially for their reasonable price and, without being great references, they maintain a more than acceptable level of performance. The Michelin tire brand offers the Energy Saver+ model as the ideal tire due to its price-product ratio. It is especially recommended for its duration, although the price is slightly higher than that of some of its competitors.

Good prices, without forgetting the environment

For those looking for a reduced price but without sacrificing ecology, Kumho offers the Ecowing ES01 KH 27 model. It is the first ecological tire developed by this manufacturer and its creators announce optimal performance, combined with low rolling resistance, factors that translate into good fuel economy and an interesting reduction in CO2 emissions from our vehicle.

Another novelty that fits well in this section is the Firestone Multitask, a tire that is committed to comfort and smoothness, together with good braking capacity, all at quite competitive prices. Along the same lines, Pirelli has the Cinturato P1 Verde, available in wheels from 14 to 17 inches.

The winners of the mid-high range sports category

In the category of mid-high range sports tires, the recent market launch of the Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002 model stands out, a pure sports tire for the aftermarket and that is available at a very competitive price compared, for example, with the Bridgestone S001.

For its part, Michelin has the new Latitude Sport 3, its third generation of wheels for asphalt SUVs. This tire has a design that provides a good dose of control and responds firmly to the demands of drivers to ensure an optimal level of safety. In addition, it noticeably reduces rolling resistance, consequently reducing fuel consumption and improving durability.

The best winter wheels in value for money

In the section of winter tires, a product that enjoys a competitive price is the Continental Conti Winter Contact TS 850. This tire offers outstanding grip in low temperatures. In these circumstances, it achieves excellent braking distances, high maneuverability and great mileage.

At a reasonable price level, Goodyear has a tire model suitable for use in winter conditions. It is called Ultra-Grip 7+ and has a revolutionary carcass that adapts better to the road, extends its useful life, reduces the risk of aquaplaning and reduces rolling resistance, helping to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Firestone also offers a good product for this type of circumstance, such as the Winter hawk 3, specifically designed to achieve high performance in rain and sleet, as well as outstanding durability.


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