What are the quietest tires?


At the end of 2012, the European tire label came into force, a mechanism with which the European Union seeks to lower polluting emissions, reduce accident rates and give users easy points to look at to choose the wheel that best suits their needs. your needs. The European tire label provides information on three parameters: energy efficiency, safety and environmental noise.

What are the quietest tires

How are the silent wheels?

  • A tread without closed spaces.
  • The tread blocks are of different shapes and are placed asymmetrically and irregularly.
  • Great softness in the rubber composition.

The quietest tires on the market

Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus

The Turanza Serenity Plus is the silent model proposed by the Bridgestone house. A tire that, in addition to offering a very high kilometric performance, stands out for the low noise in the contact of the wheel with the pavement. The main component that makes these tires so quiet are the silencer grooves and their asymmetrical design.

Goodyear Efficient grip Performance

The Goodyear tire brand is also betting on the silent wheel market. The new model, Goodyear Efficient grip Performance, stands out for a label of 68 decibels. This data indicates that its noise level is among the lowest in the market. Thanks to Active Breaking technology, which increases the contact surface between the rubber and the pavement, the new Goodyear Efficient grip Performance manages to reduce braking by 8% on wet surfaces and 3% on dry surfaces. These features make this tire a great ally for comfortable and safe driving.

Pirelli Noise Canceling System

In mid-2013 the Italian tire brand Pirelli created a new technology for reducing rolling noise. This new system was baptized as “Pirelli Noise Canceling System” (PNCS) and was designed specifically for Audi cars. This technology will be present in the high-performance models of the German brand. The noise reduction benefits translate into a reduction of almost 50% on average. This system is easy to detect as it is indicated on the side of the cover with a special “PNCS” marking.


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