What documentation do I need to pass the ITV?


Passing the ITV is a simple procedure, but it can take longer if you do not go to your appointment with all the necessary documentation. It is also important that, before going, you know what is reviewed in the ITV. Thus, if you are sure that something is not right, you can solve it beforehand and you will pass the review without problems.

What documentation do I need to pass the ITV

Steps to follow:

One of the documents that you have to present in order to pass the review is the ITV Card that was issued to the vehicle in the previous test.

You must also provide the registration certificate of the car that is going to be examined.

Another document that you have to present to pass the ITV is the compulsory car insurance accreditation. You must provide the last receipt from the bank where you have the payment domiciled, so you will certify that a policy is paid for the car.

In some provinces, in addition, the person who takes the car to pass the review has to provide their ID. If you are not sure when to go to this inspection, we invite you to read our article when you should pass the ITV.


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