What does GTI and SDI mean in engines


If you are looking to change your car or buy a new one, it is normal that you are wondering what GTI and SDI mean in engines, since they are acronyms that appear in many current vehicles and that, however, the average public does not know their meaning. You have to know that the GTI refers to a grand tourer that has an injection engine, something that was very new in the 1970s but is currently unimportant; instead, SDI refers to engines that run on diesel, a fuel other than gasoline and which minimizes consumption and improves power.

What does GTI and SDI mean in engines

GTI: Gran Turismo Injection

The initials GTI of an engine mean “Gran Turismo Injection”, that is, “Gran Turismo Injection”. This name usually refers to versions that are sportier than a car. Formerly, the acronym GTI referred to a type of engine, therefore, it was a technical concept that manufacturers understood but, currently, the term has become widespread and is often used as a marketing strategy to indicate that it is a sports car.

Let’s travel back in time to the 70’s when the first GTI appeared. During this time, the Renault 5 was the most successful car on the market, but everything changed when Volkswagen launched the GTI in 1976.

The acronym “GT” refers to a “Grand Tourism”, a car enabled for passenger transport but, by adding the “I” it was indicating that the injection engine had been linked to the grand tourism and, therefore, increased your performance.

However, this distinction today has no temporary meaning: all cars run on fuel and, for this reason, the acronym GTI is currently used to designate sportier models, purely for promotional and advertising purposes.

SDI: Standard Diesel Injection

The acronym SDI of an engine refers to the term “Standard Diesel Injection ” or, what is the same, “Standard Diesel Injection”, that is, these acronyms indicate that it is a vehicle that uses diesel instead of gasoline as fuel for function.

The main characteristic of the SDI is that they are diesel engines that do not have a turbo, something that differentiates them from the TDI, another type of diesel car that does integrate the turbo and that would be the top range of the SDI. Therefore, they are perfect vehicles for families or people who circulate in the city or on urban roads, as they allow the appropriate and permitted speed to be reached, without the extra power (turbo).

The SDI engines appeared as substitutes for naturally aspirated diesels that had the acronym VAG in order to improve their power and reduce consumption. It is an improved version of these old engines.

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