What happens if I suspend my driving license?


    Having to renew at the driving school supposes an additional expense in the price that you will finally have to pay to get your driving license. For this reason, it is important that you follow what your teacher tells you both to take the theoretical exam and the practical part. Rushing is never good when you are learning and, in this case, it can be expensive.

    What happens if I suspend my driving license

    Steps to follow:

    When you enroll in the driving school you have the right to take the exam three times in total, that is, you will have to distribute them between the theoretical and practical exams.

    In the event that you fail the theoretical exam the first time you take it, you should be careful. Thus, if you do not want to pay again to renew, you will have to pass the next time you take the theory test and then the practical test the first time.

    If you present yourself for the second time to the theory and this time you fail, you will have to renew, that is, pay the DGT fees again and those that the driving school could charge you for the processing. The cost of renewal if you suspend your driving license is around 200 euros.

    Professionals in the sector always recommend going very safe to the theoretical exam, that is, when you no longer have any failures in the tests, so that you have the two remaining calls to spend on the practical exam, which is usually the most difficult.

    So, if you pass the theory the first time and fail the practical, you would not have to renew papers or pay the corresponding cost. You would still have one more opportunity to take the driving test and only if you failed a second time, would you have to pay again.

    In any case, there are driving schools that launch offers with which they want to demonstrate the quality of their teaching and that assume that they do not charge you to renew, in the event that you suspend your driving license and exhaust all the calls.

    Deadlines are also important when it comes to knowing what happens if you suspend your driving license. If you do not pass an exam a second time, you will have to wait 12 days to take it again, and 18 days in the event that it happens again.

    We recommend that you read this article on how to choose a driving school so that you know all the factors that you must take into account when making this important decision.


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