What is the difference between new car and km 0?


If you are thinking of buying a car, you should know that there are multiple options to get your favorite vehicle. Before making a final decision, we advise you to assess all the possibilities you have on the table. Is it worth buying a brand-new car or is it better to bet on a used vehicle? If you want to solve your doubts, be sure to read.

What is the difference between new car and km 0

Next, we will tell you what is the difference between a new car and km 0. Find out which one best suit your needs and expectations before purchasing a vehicle definitively.

What is a 0 km car?

Zero km cars are a type of vehicle known as second-hand vehicles. Its main characteristic is that, although it has not been sold or used yet, that is, despite the fact that they are new, they are cars that have been registered in the name of the dealer.

Most car dealerships require a number of annual registrations to maintain the concession. In this sense, km 0 cars not only already have an owner, but also have a specific color and characteristics, so you could not adapt the vehicle to your preferences. Due to this, they usually have a much lower selling price than a brand-new car, that is, one that has not yet been registered.

However, acquiring a km 0 car also has the disadvantage that, as it is already registered, part of the car warranty is lost. Although this can be negotiated with the dealer so that they leave the guarantee intact.

Buy a new car

The new car is the type of vehicle that raises the least doubts in the future buyer. It is one of the most contemplated options, since it is about acquiring a completely new vehicle, without previous use and without registration.

The new cars are exhibited at the dealerships, where they are available to the customer both to view and personalize. Before buying a new car, you can choose the engine, color, equipment or finishes, among others. This option allows the car to be adapted to the needs and tastes of each client, who will opt for the perfect option for him.

However, as everyone knows, a new car is more expensive and not everyone can afford it.

Differences between a new car and a used car

Taking all this explanation into account, we can conclude that the main differences between a new car and a km 0 are these:

  • The use
  • The kilometers traveled
  • The choice (or not) of the characteristics
  • the guarantee
  • The price

While a 0 km vehicle has minimal or no use by the dealer before sale, the new car has never been used, nor has it driven any kilometers previously. Thus, km 0 cars have price discounts, although their cost will always be closer to that of the new vehicle than that of a second-hand vehicle.

Other options to buy a vehicle

In addition to new vehicles or km 0 cars, there are other options that can help you clarify your doubts before buying a car and get the best offer that perfectly suits your budget:

  • New car in stock: it is a possibility to acquire a new car, not yet circulated and not registered. It is about buying the vehicles on display at the dealership. The difference with a new car is that it cannot be customized or its characteristics chosen, since it is the only model there is. Of course, its availability is immediate and the price is usually slightly lower.
  • Management car: this is an option similar to zero km cars. Management cars have previously been used by home workers, but they have low mileage, since the time of use is relatively short. This type of car is considered practically new, since its age does not usually exceed 6 months, and the price is very attractive. Management vehicle deals can also be found at a dealership.
  • Semi-new car: this is an option that does not exceed 2 years of age or 25,000 kilometers travelled. Although they are not new cars, their young age allows you to get them at a much lower price than the new model and they have a guarantee.
  • Second-hand vehicles: These are cars that have already been used by a previous owner. They are usually more than two years old, although the mileage may vary. It is one of the cheapest options, but with fewer factory warranties.

If you are thinking of renewing your car, now you know all the options you have to acquire the new vehicle.

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