When should I change cars – Here is the answer!


There are many theories about the prudent time to change vehicles: the theory of 200,000 kilometers, that of 5 years, etc. however, there is no clear and concise answer about when to change cars. This change will always depend on the particular needs of each person and the use given to the vehicle because, logically, a car that is used daily will not have the same wear and tear as another that is only used on the weekend or very occasionally.

When should I change cars - Here is the answer!

If it breaks down frequently

One of the best indicators that can tell you that the time has come to change your car is the frequency with which you take it to the workshop to repair a breakdown. The vehicles, with the use and the kilometers that they cover, can begin to break down and fail electrically as well as mechanically, for this reason, if you detect that it breaks down more and more often, it may be a good reason to consider the option of buying. a new car.

In addition, if the car is old, it is common for repairs to be increasingly expensive because the parts may no longer be manufactured or may have to be found in specialized centers. So, in general, a good way to know when to change your car is by assessing visits to the mechanic: if the cost of maintaining the vehicle is very high, perhaps it is best to consider buying a new one.

If you want to resell it at a good price

In the event that you have in mind to resell the car one day in order to have some liquid money and be able to buy a new one, you also have to keep in mind that time is very important. In fact, it is considered that the automobile sector is the one that devalues ​​the fastest and, just by taking it out of the dealership, it already loses considerable value.

Following this guideline, if you want to get some money out of your car a few years after its purchase, it is best not to wait more than five years because, otherwise, the price of the vehicle will be considered much lower and it will cost you to make a profit. From 2 to 5 years is the most recommended time to change cars and not lose too much money on the change.

If you want to sell it, in this other article we tell you how to sell your car online.

Evaluate the safety and comfort of the vehicle

We also recommend that, among the factors to assess to know if you have to change cars, you think about basic aspects such as vehicle safety and comfort. That is to say, there are old cars that do not have some features that, nowadays, are considered vital in the automotive field, such as, for example, power steering, electric windows, the installation of airbags, etc.

Comfort inside the car is also an aspect that has greatly improved in recent years and, therefore, is also something to be valued: now backrests are chosen that adapt to the needs of the back, driving stability, etc. All these aspects are important to take into account if you are thinking of renewing your car or not.

When your needs change

Another reason that can answer your question of when you should change your car is that you have a change in your life that requires another type of vehicle. For example, if you have extended the family and now you have children, perhaps it is a good option to buy a car with more space in the trunk, with five doors and that is more spacious in general; if you have moved to live in the mountains, maybe you should opt for a 4×4, etc.

This reason cannot be assessed at a technical or economic level, but rather, you will have to make a personal assessment and ask yourself if the car still meets your daily needs and, if not, perhaps it is a good idea to start thinking about buying one. new.


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