Why does my car use a lot of gas?


Monitoring the car’s gasoline consumption is important and not only for economic reasons and because of the price of fuel. It is essential because it is an indication that something in the car is not right. In fact, if it is observed that the vehicle’s fuel consumption has increased and that it is higher in relation to its use and the distances traveled, it is because there is some problem in its operation that causes the car to use more gasoline. These are situations that should be detected because life can be put at risk depending on the fault that causes this increase in fuel consumption. But what are these causes?

Why does my car use a lot of gas

Leaks: the main cause of the car spending a lot of gasoline

One of the most common reasons why the car uses a lot of gasoline is that there is a possible fuel leak in the vehicle. Sometimes, this leak can be imperceptible because it occurs little by little and you do not notice, for example, stains on the ground when the car is parked.

However, these small losses add up and make the amount lost greater in total, consequently being noted in greater consumption. In any case, on many occasions, these leaks are perceived because it smells like burnt gasoline.

And why do these leaks occur? The reason is that there are parts of the vehicle that are not right. This is usually caused by problems with the fuel pump hoses or valve, fuel injectors, or holes in the tank. These are parts that should be checked to solve the problem.

But be careful, because the problem, sometimes, is in the closing of the tank cover. If it is not properly closed, the gasoline evaporates.

Car parts in poor condition that increase the cost of gasoline

As we have mentioned before, on many occasions, the car uses a lot of gasoline because there are some parts that do not work well. Apart from those related to leaks that we have already talked about, it is also worth paying attention to other parts of the vehicle:

  • Catalytic Converter: When the catalytic converter is blocked, the fuel doesn’t burn well because the gasoline mixes with the air. This poor combustion makes it necessary to consume more fuel for the car to circulate.
  • Spark plugs: this part is key in the vehicle because it is responsible for generating the spark for internal combustion to occur in the car. If it has a fault or is not in good condition, this process is not carried out properly. Here we tell you how to change the spark plugs of the car.
  • Battery: if the car battery does not work correctly, more gasoline is used because the spark plugs do not get enough energy to jump the spark for internal combustion.
  • Temperature sensors: the increased fuel consumption can also be related to the temperature sensors, which may be damaged, in a way that causes the cooling system to not work properly. Thus, the car always has a higher temperature, which leads to greater consumption not only of gasoline, but also of oil.
  • Oxygen sensor: this part is responsible for controlling the amount of oxygen in the exhaust to adjust fuel consumption accordingly. Thus, if it does not work well, the consumption of gasoline increases.
  • Tires: tires with little air in the tires increase fuel consumption because the contact surface with the ground increases. In addition, this can in turn mean that the car’s wheels are not properly aligned, which will generate more wear, which again results in that increase in fuel.

Driving errors that make the car spend a lot of fuel

Sometimes, the increased consumption of gasoline in the car is not related to faults or breakdowns in the car. And it is that there can also be other causes such as bad driving. It is proven that having bad driving habits causes you to consume more gasoline. But what are those human errors that raise the bill at the gas station? These are the most frequent and, on many occasions, are done unconsciously:

  • Accelerator: misusing or abusing the accelerator increases fuel consumption, which especially increases with acceleration, which often does not mean significant time savings to reach the destination sooner. It is better to drive at a constant speed depending on the road surface and the vehicle’s engine.
  • Brake: misuse of the accelerator is not the only pedal that increases fuel costs. In fact, the brake uses more fuel when it is not used well and is not driven properly. These are situations in which you have to be pressing the brake continuously and every so often to slow down. It is better to regulate it with the right gear and using the accelerator well.
  • Load: the load that is carried in the car influences the consumption of gasoline. Obviously, a heavily loaded car increases spending because it has to move more weight. Also, the tires may not have enough pressure to carry that load.
  • Windows: Another common mistake is driving with the windows down. This increases fuel consumption because, if they are not raised, the aerodynamics are influenced, which is also influenced by roof racks or transport bars, among other components. And, above all, more gasoline is spent if the window is down and the air conditioning system is on.

With these explanations, we hope from we have answered your question: why does my car use a lot of gasoline? Whenever you have any doubts, it is important that you consult a mechanic to solve it and, of course, do the statutory checks on the vehicle to check that everything is fine.


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